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Multimedia Mayhem: Incorporating Multimedia in Intro to Journalism Curriculum

Most course descriptions for Journalism 1 say students should learn the history and language of journalism; develop communication skills in writing, designing and editing for a variety of media; understand news and the process of publication; and become more critical readers and viewers of mass media. Why not combine all these areas and use convergence not only to help them build skills, but also to continue onto newspaper, broadcast and/or yearbook production? In this session, you will see one adviser’s introductory course syllabus and student examples of multimedia use, and explore the various ways advisers can engage intro students using multimedia.

Click the image below to download the PDF.

multimedia mayhem

If you would like an actual copy of the presentation, email me at EHarris1@fcps.edu. I’ll send you a link to a Dropbox folder!  Many additional samples can be found on tjTODAY.org.



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