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Let the Story Tell the Story

Theme lecture, Yearbooks @ the Beach Advertisements

Journalism is About Relationships

Do you or your staff have a problem with enthusiasm and/or motivation? Successful stories, designs and staffs all have one thing in common: strong relationships. When you cultivate relationships, the rest falls into place. Journalism is About Relationships

It’s All Good, But Let’s Make It Better

Rocky Mountain Journalism Coverage keynote 2017

Find Your Pretty: Visual Theme

\ Rocky Mountain Journalism 2018 visual theme keynote rmj20visual20theme202017

Make It a Thing: Improving Your Coverage

More Than a Label: Headline Design

Can You? Should You?

If you want your publication to progress to the next level, you have to know which rules to follow and which to break. From design to coverage, staff organization and more, we’ll look at some of the rules that can make or break a publication.

Publish NOW: Starting an Online Site from Scratch

Thinking about starting an online news site? They key to getting off the ground is to publish. And publish NOW. This session will give you 10 tips for getting started, getting seen, and getting it together.

Bar Graphs and Pie Charts are Dead

Sort of. Infographics are more than clip art. Infographics need to convey information to your readers. This session will help you do just that.

Check Yourself

When staffers say spreads are “done,” editors need to have a process in place to make sure all spreads are the best they can be. We’ll look at several different systems yearbook staffs can use as a group to do final checks and edits.

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