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Can You? Should You?

If you want your publication to progress to the next level, you have to know which rules to follow and which to break. From design to coverage, staff organization and more, we’ll look at some of the rules that can make or break a publication.

Publish NOW: Starting an Online Site from Scratch

Thinking about starting an online news site? They key to getting off the ground is to publish. And publish NOW. This session will give you 10 tips for getting started, getting seen, and getting it together.

Bar Graphs and Pie Charts are Dead

Sort of. Infographics are more than clip art. Infographics need to convey information to your readers. This session will help you do just that.

Check Yourself

When staffers say spreads are “done,” editors need to have a process in place to make sure all spreads are the best they can be. We’ll look at several different systems yearbook staffs can use as a group to do final checks and edits.

Photography for the Non-Photographer

Yearbooks are picture books, but what happens when the only camera you’ve ever used is on your smartphone? This session will walk you through photography tips and tricks for camera phones, point-and-shoots and DSLRs from the perspective of a “non-photographer” adviser. Click the image below for a PDF of the full presentation.

Story Strategies

If you want to up your publication’s coverage game, all you have to do is pay attention. In this session, we’ll show you how staffs look, listen, ask question, use technology, use your theme, plan ahead and so much more.

What to Do When Your Yearbook is DONE

If you’re anything like us, when the yearbook is done, you want to make the most of the weeks you have with your students post-production. Check out this list Meghan compiled. It covers: sales/marketing distribution archiving contests/critiques planning for next year celebrating learning something new  

Design Doesn’t End Where Type Begins

With endless options for typography, never settle for printing your copy in columns of bland text. This session teaches you how to add color, weight, size and purposeful layout to text so that copy blocks tell a story in both words and design. Come see samples from the pros and from current yearbooks, and take … Continue reading

Training Journalists (and Athletes!) for Sports Coverage

You’re assigned to cover field hockey. The only problem? You know nothing about field hockey. This is a common problem in publications labs, but you can see beyond the score and find the story. Come learn what you need to know about a sport before you cover it, how to ask questions to avoid the cliche, tips for … Continue reading

The World is Your Newsroom: Mobile Journalism

This session will cover the top five (or more) apps you HAVE to have to be a successful mobile journalist. Voice Record Pro, Videolicious, iMovie, Garage Band & Audio Memo (and there’s more, I’m sure) will allow you to create content on the spot for your publications. Click on the image below to download a … Continue reading

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