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Keeping It Fresh: Digital Storytelling

Get dozens of ideas on how to get the most from your media outlet through apps, websites and social media tools beyond the usual outlets. From print to video, you will leave with oodles of resources to explore and use when you go home. Click on the photo below to access a PDF of the … Continue reading

Break It Down: Mini-Lessons

1_YBK BasicTerms_Scavenger Hunt 2_YBK Basics_PowerPoint 3_You Need To Know PowerPoint_Amazing Race 4_Photo Olympics 5_Photo Olympic check off sheet 6_Spread planner 7_50 Ways To Tell A Story 8_123 headline writing 9_ABCs of caption writing 10_Interviewing 11_YBK Trends_2014 12_What a concept 13_Academics Photos that Wow mini lessonsOVERVIEW mini lessons_OUTLINE mini lessons

Student Life Coverage: More Than a Dance

Do you find that you’re ONLY covering dances, homecoming and the school play in your student life section?  Ask yourself these questions and take a look a the attached examples to expand your coverage horizons. What do you HAVE to cover? Is there a story in the stuff? How do you spend your time? What … Continue reading

Theme: It’s About the WHY

Click the image below for a PDF of “Theme: It’s About the Why.”

Trends: Looking for Inspiration from the Pros & Our Peers

Multimedia Mayhem: Incorporating Multimedia in Intro to Journalism Curriculum

Most course descriptions for Journalism 1 say students should learn the history and language of journalism; develop communication skills in writing, designing and editing for a variety of media; understand news and the process of publication; and become more critical readers and viewers of mass media. Why not combine all these areas and use convergence not … Continue reading

Uniquely Yours: Finding a Theme that Fits

Some say there are no new themes – they’ve all been done before.  This is simply not true.  In this session, you will learn how to find a theme that not only fits your school, but also allows you to cover the year in a way that is uniquely your own.  If you find yourself … Continue reading

Don’t Get Schooled by Academics

Don’t settle for pics of kids staring at textbooks. There are great stories in your classrooms and telling them starts with fantastic photos. Two yearbook advisers discuss vibrant academics coverage through great photography, strong coverage and contemporary design. Click the image below to access a link to the presentation! JEA/NSPA Boston, 2013 CSPA, 2014 JEA/NSPA San … Continue reading

Great Doesn’t Happen on the First Try

Ever wonder how some yearbooks end up looking like professional magazines? It doesn’t happen on the first try. Two veteran advisers discuss the process of taking design from disastrous to divine. Click the image below to access a link to the presentation! San Antonia, JEA/NSPA 2012 San Francisco, JEA/NSPA 2013

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