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Multimedia Mayhem: Incorporating Multimedia in Intro to Journalism Curriculum

Most course descriptions for Journalism 1 say students should learn the history and language of journalism; develop communication skills in writing, designing and editing for a variety of media; understand news and the process of publication; and become more critical readers and viewers of mass media. Why not combine all these areas and use convergence not … Continue reading

Looking for Inspiration

Pablo Picasso said, “Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.” So get ready to work! This presentation identifies places that yearbookers can look when trying to find their verbal concept.

Your Staff & School Brand

Understanding who you are as a school and as a yearbook staff is an important first step when making plans for a new year. This presentation asks staffs to answer some questions about themselves and their school, looks at two companies who have done an excellent job of branding themseleves and examines the importance of asking why … Continue reading

Power of a Team

Have a hard time motivating your staff? Making class fun? Turning your publications lab into a place that people want to be? In this session, you will learn how to create a community and sense of unity that helps the work get done. Click the image below to access the presentation!  

Great Doesn’t Happen on the First Try

Ever wonder how some yearbooks end up looking like professional magazines? It doesn’t happen on the first try. Two veteran advisers discuss the process of taking design from disastrous to divine. Click the image below to access a link to the presentation! San Antonia, JEA/NSPA 2012 San Francisco, JEA/NSPA 2013

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